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I’m All Outta Maps, I’m So Lost Without You

For the first time in over a month since the blog launched, and 369 posts later, I’ve finally actually caught up with the submission queue.  It is straight up empty!  Exhausted!  Not a map to scrape up, no matter how hard I try.  If this doesn’t change, I may have to start a band and name it Map Supply.

So: time to draw some more maps, Mapstalgiacs.  According to tumblr there’s close to three thousand of you following the blog now, so I know most of you haven’t yet sat down and put pen to paper (or mouse to MS Paint, or pastry icing bag to novelty wedding cake, or whatever), but I bet some of you keeping thinking about it.  Like, hmm, maybe I should do that.  At some point.  Eventually. 

Well, no time like the present.  Remember!  It doesn’t have to be fancy or impressive or well drawn (most of us are neither artists nor memory wizards, after all), it just needs to be what you can put together from memory.  Just draw it up and upload it to the site.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

I’ve got a couple ideas for what might turn into a weekly “draw THIS specifically” theme challenge / double dog dare that I may roll out after the weekend as well; if you have any specific ideas for that or for the blog in general, or if you’ve got burning questions or neat games-and-maps/memories links you think Mapstalgia’s readers should know about, feel free to drop me a line at the Ask Me Anything page.

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